Underwater Art

June 14th, 2007 art,new media no comments

Amazing underwater sculpture park created by Jason Taylor. Watch the video it is absolutely beautiful. “The aim of the Sculpture Park is to create a unique space which highlights environmental processes and celebrates local culture. By creating an artificial reef of sculptures which depict Grenadian peoples and their history, the project fulfills its dual purpose …


July 31st, 2006 life,photography no comments

What a time in Nantucket with the Landons. It was so beautiful and we had perfect weather. Relaxing on the beach on a island is really what summer is all about. I hope to get back there soon. Watch skim video. The swells were unreal, eight feet some days. Skim and surf were good everyday …

Bridge Jump

July 20th, 2006 life,photography no comments


July 7th, 2006 life,photography no comments


July 5th, 2006 life,photography no comments

Happy 4th weekend. Went down to the Cape this year but wouldn’t miss the Hingham works.