April 2nd, 2008 art,experiment,new media,technology 1 comment

This is a rough example of flocking and obstacle avoidance. The creatures will ovoid the contours of any shape that is on the table. They also follow the rules of flocking separation, alignment, cohesion. Read more about Boids here.

MultiTouch Calibration

March 19th, 2008 experiment,new media,technology,work 2 comments

I want to get some feedback on how to do a proper and simple calabration for a multitouch system. I am going to try and walk you through the process and construction of the table. Here is the main setup for the table. For the most part the table is working check out latest video. …

Multi-Touch Photos

March 11th, 2008 experiment,new media,technology,work 1 comment

Here is a new video of the Touch Table. We are working on a classic multi-touch photo appm, there are bugs but we are working them out. We have a set of photos growing here. Thanks to Ryan Habbyshaw and The OF Team.

Smart Surface Beta

March 3rd, 2008 experiment,new media,technology 4 comments

We got a solid test up and running today. There are defiantly bugs in alignment and calibration but its working. I’m going to get some code up soon for sharing, pumped its working. Check out the video.


February 14th, 2008 art,experiment,new media no comments

Video of the multitouch prototype. You can touch and push particles around.