Nice Afternoon

June 8th, 2005 life,photography no comments

Davis and I hit the hill today and brought the camera. A very nice afternoon after a long day of work.


June 2nd, 2005 experiment,life,photography 1 comment

The anatomy of a complete carve. Ryan took fast shoots of me carving down the hill. I layered them on top of each other to show every step of the carve. No video was used, all effects are done with photography.

New Board

May 27th, 2005 life,photography 1 comment

New board! I have never seen a board carve as hard as this one. The rain has just stopped and the weekend looks nice. Can’t wait to take it for a run.


May 23rd, 2005 life,photography 2 comments

A preview of the summer, but now it won’t stop raining.