Delaunay Contour

April 18th, 2009 experiment,research 3 comments

Delaunay Contour
Delaunay Contour
I wanted to create a shape within the contour so I used delaunay triangulation. This returned all the triangles that build up the convex hull of the points. This was great but I only wanted the triangles inside the contour. Theo gave me a really great inside polygon test which solved this. I made sure that the center of each triangle was inside the contour. I think this will work if I create static shapes that build up the contour. Zach also had a great idea to check to see if the shape is inside the polygon. I could built a contact listener that checks to see if its inside and if so remove.

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  1. Luke Malcolm

    Nice work. I’d been trying to get delaunay triangulation to behave properly for the contour, but have been hitting some real issues. Nice to see someone conquer it perfectly.

  2. Kang

    That’s really cool!how did you find the convex hull points beside you? use the frame different or color? the wall behind you is white,I really wanna to know that ,it’s great

  3. Todd Vanderlin

    to get the binary image I am doing a background subtraction then a dilation of the image. I does get tricky when you are where gray tones but with brightness and contrast stretching you can fix it.

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