Back from China

July 31st, 2007 life,parsons no comments

I’m back from China and I already miss it, I want to go back. I’m dead tired and out of it, this jet lag is killer. The worst happened, I realized when I got home that my camera was not with me. After a 14 hour flight I guess I just forgot it on the plane. Every photo I took on the whole trip lost. I’m sad but at least I have the memories still. Friends said that they would give me theirs but it’s still not the same. I called the airline and I’m just crossing my fingers that they find it.

The trip was amazing though. I got to meet with important people that have been living and working their for some time. I saw the Surface table at Microsoft. I meet with Nokia, studied at a University larger than any other University I have ever seen. Ate some of the best food in my life. Went to a rave were the Great Wall of China meet the ocean. The main things I took from it was that there are other cities than New York. I could completely live in Beijing and work. Living another countries life for a month really puts your life back home into perspective. I will never forget this trip and will be returning soon.

I will post stories from the trip as I get more photos. Cross your fingers I find my camera.

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