The Ultimate Throwie Throwie

May 8th, 2007 new media,news,parsons,technology,video no comments

This is how to make The Ultimate Throwie Throwie and get out of jail for as cheap as possible. First you will need the following:

1. About 10 -12 LED Throwies
2. A fan – We found one on the street.
3. A power supply outside.
4. A crowded place for people to watch.

First You will need to find a fan. We found one on the side of the street. Remove the front cover of the fan. This is so that you can put the Throwies on the blades of the fan.

Attach the LED’s so that one is on one side and one on the other. They will hold eachother onto the blades.

Free Power
You know need to find a place that has power and is crowded. Union Square was the perfect place to release the LED Throwie Throwie. Open the cover of a street lamp. You will just need to unscrew the bolt (usually just hand tight) and open the lid. You will find a plug conveniently for your fan.

You are now ready to let the fan rip. Start the fan on low let it start up and then turn it on high. Stand back and watch the Throwies Throw.

There are some setbacks with the Ultimate Throwie Throwie. Due to the times that we live in the general public may have concerns of the appearances of an LED. If you just so happen to find yourself in trouble with the authorities for such an act. Blame it on art school. I running into such a situation found it a safe and cheap way out of jail.

In all seriousness LED Throwies are a blast but not to be taken lightly. They are an interesting take on public space and graffiti art. Granted they can harm the environment, but they are removable. If you choose to explore the public realm or graffiti art with LED’s don’t take it out on the authorities. See where the stand on the topic, put yourself in their shoes. They have no choice but to take the appropriate actions. The real fight should be against the people that clutter the public space with junk; the crude and intrusive advertisements. Find those targets and “Throwie” them.


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