Nerd Stigmata

May 21st, 2007 life,new media,news 36 comments

Nerd Stigmata
This is a conversation between Ryan and Todd about a nerd battle wound.

Ryan throw me that wireless router. (toss)

Ouch! ohh man you cut me. Yes the wireless router cut me on the hand.


Oh mg god! Ryan look I thing its a sign from the heavens above. As I look down at my hand I am bleeding in the shape of the iconic mouse cursor. This is the first official record of the Nerd Stigmata.

36 Responses to “Nerd Stigmata”

  1. Boing Boing

    Nerd stigmata: wound in shape of mouse cursor…

    Todd Vanderlin suffered a cut to his hand when his friend tossed him a wireless router. The wound looks just like a mouse cursor. Link……

  2. kristofer

    Cool! Trackback: “Anyway, This is neat, I came across this on Digg, Nerd Stigmata! Dude got a cut from a router that looks just like a mouse cursor/pointer..”

  3. Giuseppi

    It believe this is authentic. I have been seeing these in tortillas for the past month.

  4. Charlotte UNCC apartments

    It’s like the mouse pointer jumped out and stabbed you, then jumped back into the screen.

  5. PandaP

    Raptor Jesus cometh!

  6. Wagner

    Just wait until the pointer start moving.

    Just pray it’s not one of those that leave trails…

  7. davecbrf3


  8. Chris Tucker

    The ideal outcome would be for the Wound to leave a scar in the exact shape of a mouse cursor/pointer.

    I am very envious of that wonderful injury.

  9. DoubleSpeak

    … Make sure you don’t point at anything cuz you might start to hear strange clicky sounds!

  10. grantaccess

    Check to see if you can navigate programs by moving your hand around the screen.

  11. sakura

    lol lol lol amen.

    from japan

  12. taku

    You are God of a laughter!!

  13. Arcan3

    It’s a Streetlamp… Erm. wrong post.. =)

  14. Anon

    Now you CAN navigate the mouse onscreen by waving your hand. Neat party trick.

  15. hom?ɬ°r molla

    els?Ö‚Äò pina. ?ɬ©s voltm?ɬ°r.

  16. cybeerboy

    Well well – no more words needed.

  17. Cindy

    Ouch, better not double click the same spot :)

  18. Scott

    my mind is a blank

  19. Neon Knight

    Kinda looks like the foot of Tux too.

  20. Abhilasha

    WOWOWOW…all i can say !!!

    Make sure to stay away frm cats…after all you have a mouse pointer in your hand

  21. Jessica

    I have it on my wrist…LOL

  22. D Bunker

    ok that my friends is a blister that has been cut, probably with an exacto knife…to look like a cursor arrow. You geeks are sooo gullible. There is no mouse cursor icon arrow stigmata…Jesus has touch screen! gosh geeks get a life : )

  23. Patti the Great

    Amen to that! Long live the Nerds, Gamers and Dorks! Woo!

  24. mira

    Thank you baby Jeebus!!!

  25. jay

    it will bleed everytime microsoft releases a new OS

  26. victor

    Uh, yeah, ok… a nerd stigmata…… alllllrighty then.

  27. Jim

    Hope it scars, that would be awesome.

  28. desktop dancers

    desktop dancers…

    desktop dancers …

  29. carl

    my friend has a scar the shape of the star trek symbol on his hand, he got it in a kayak incident

  30. mike

    so say we all

  31. graeme

    holy shit if got a littel vertion of this in the same place SHIT COOL OMFG WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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