Indestructible iPod

February 27th, 2007 life 1 comment

Indestructible iPod
This is my iPod; I’ve had it for about three years now. Let’s just say that this iPod has taken its share of falls. The other day tops them without a doubt. I’m riding my bike up 6th Ave late for class. I’m in the middle of the road, cause you can ride the fastest there. I’m listing to some good music, new stuff I just got. As I pass 11th street I see my iPod start to rise out of my pocket. Since my bike only has a front brake I could make any quick moves. I see the iPod shoot into the air and at that second said, “There it goes – done”. The iPod slams to the road and slides down the street. Remember that this is 6th Ave, one busy street. I start to pullover and see that a nice taxi just ran right over it. I say, “Ahhoo DONE!” I am dreading to go look at it. I see some lady trying to grab it, but I run and pick it up. I look at the screen and yes, the iPod was still playing, I could not believe it. There were really now dent and it was all still in one piece.

To think, this was the iPod that Apple recalled but I never sent it in. I have to say this is the indestructible iPod.

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  1. Brandon

    I have this same iPod, and while the battery only seems to last for about three hours nowadays, it really is indestructible. I also decided not to send mine in, since I had no out of the ordinary batter issues, and I haven’t regretted it once.

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