A DMB Fenway Weekend

July 10th, 2006 concerts,life,photography 4 comments

An unbelievable weekend at Fenway, Dave played two amazing nights. The Quad came together and showed the man some support. Night one was unreal Last Stop blew me away. Night two Steve said it best “This is where we are supposed to sit”. I was mesmerized by Boyd’s performance during Grace is Gone. I will never forget this weekend. Flickr Set
Fenway Night Two
Green Monster
Fenway Night Two
Fenway Night Two

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4 Responses to “A DMB Fenway Weekend”

  1. brandon

    You were in Boston and you didn’t say hi? Hope you had fun! Jerk! Just kidding…

  2. Todd Vanderlin

    Hey im home for a bit so keep in touch.

  3. Nate Vanderlin

    Was just fucking around on ye ol’ internet and decided to google my last name, which I felt was fairly uncommon. well a few names popped up. Yours being one of them. So I though I would drop you a line to see if we are of any relation. I beleive you live in New York or close by. I live near Chicago in a small Indiana town called Chesterton. Give me a hollar and we can see what else we can find out. NAte Vanderlin.

  4. Tammy

    Hi. You dont know me but I saw your website and wanted to say that I was at the concert the first night. Unfortunately, my seats weren’t as good as yours but I ended up getting some pretty good pictures. I can’t ever imagine DMB putting on a bad concert. They are so talented. They’re unbelievable. But, the reason I am writing, I am trying to find out if there is ANY way to get a DVD of the concert. I was wondering if maybe you might know.

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