Hack Baby 2

March 9th, 2006 experiment,new media,parsons,photography,video 4 comments

The baby came back for round two. With strobing red eyes and audio outs in the rear; this baby is hacked.

Take a look at the making of Hack Baby. More photos can be seen on Flickr. There are description and notes to hep describe the process. I also did a recording of Hack Baby using the audio out in the rear into GarageBand.

Parts List:
2 Jumbo red LEDS
2 100k Potentiometers
Fancy Knobs or Dials
3 Small push buttons
Various Resistors (used to create pitch bend)
Various Capacitors (used to create pitch bend)

Flick Page
Hack Baby Video * exporting now
Hack Baby Audio

Flickr Photos
New Eyes
Lava Eyes
Ass Jack
Work Space

4 Responses to “Hack Baby 2”

  1. Nortis

    This was sweet! Can’t wait to see the video! Grate bending! :)

  2. Vrogy

    fscking awesome. Instructable it, please!

  3. Mikey

    I hope you never become a real father

  4. recyclotron

    This is very cool. I love hacks like this. Recently installed a video cam into the head of a RoboDog with same insides as your doll, cam looks out through his visor. Fun plus! Hey the video is excellent…cool little audio track, too :) Cheers!

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