Interactive Sticker

February 2006
Interactive Sticker


Using very simple electronic components the task was to make an ordinary “hello my name is:” sticker and make it digital. Some on the stickers would just buzz, others would playback audio files. The stickers needed to be inexpensive, I used small toy and watch batteries for power.

The stickers were placed in public spaces, you need to consider the placement. Elevator buttons, door knobs, etc. are great locations, they are places were you naturally interact. The stickers made you aware of your technological surroundings. They exposed the simplicity of a circuit and create a new form of street art.

Parts List

Hello my name is sticker.
Red wire for connetions between
components. A simple button to
trigger the sound.
A sound chip with a recording.
You can rip one of these out of a
toy. You could also use a simple
piezo speaker.


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