August 24th, 2005 life 5 comments

Finally hit the big 21. With broken down limos and 4am “Cold Tea”, it was a birthday that I will never forget.

21st bday

Me and Kyle hahah

5 Responses to “Birthday”

  1. Brandon

    congrats man. now you can buy liquor for all the younger ladies in NY and hopefully not get arrested for supplying to minors and attempted date rape.

  2. rafael de domingo

    Happy Birthday! Now you can give me your fake ID!

  3. liza

    when i turn 21 i’m coming to nyc and we’re getting absolutely wasted together

  4. Jared

    Happy birthday bro…..and I agree with Brandon!

  5. Theo

    whats up with davis in that first picture? he looks like oscar the grouch…… anyways, any pics from sunday night?

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